The Practice: Morning Routine of a Real World Yogi

Morning Routine of a Real World Yogi

I wake up in the morning feeling like PDiddy. Just kidding. #freeke$ha !!

I’m a yoga teacher, but I’m also a real person with real issues including, but not limited to, anxiety/depression/joint issues/period cramps/etc. So believe me when I say, “I understand how difficult it is to make time in the morning to practice _______ (insert aspirations here).”

It’s difficult, but I have succeeded in finding a routine that works for me – and maybe it could benefit you!

I open my eyes, lovingly push my dog’s ass out of my face (he’s so mindful of my personal space), and usually (if we’re being honest) grab my phone and browse through my favorite blogs before rolling out of bed. Once I’m up, I make my rounds through the bathroom and coffee station and then make my journey upstairs (see, real person!).

I’m not going to lie, I do have a dedicated yoga and meditation space (which you’ll see when I’ve finished painting the walls!) but I don’t always practice in it. Why? Because I’m blessed to consider my entire house a sanctuary. Having a dedicated space is AWESOME for this kind of practice, but the bedroom/shower/kitchen/closet works just fine too smile emoticon

And now, on to the yoga:
I usually do three poses, or asanas, in the morning. Yup. 3. So simple! The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right? So why complicate things?

I start off by setting a sankalpa, or intention. It’s a declarative, conscious statement. I find that using phrases like “I hope,” or “I will,” imply that I’m searching for or are in need of something. And I firmly believe that this kind of “poverty consciousness” is the number one buzz kill for a joyful and abundant life.


Within each pose, I’ll say other statements that coincide with the movement of the body.

Hold each asana for 5 deep breaths (or longer if you have the time!) and move slowly when you transition in and out. Give yourself the luxury of making “micro-adjustments,” or tiny, subtle movements as if you are trying to delicately fit the sections of your body together like a puzzle. The poses themselves are not vitally important (meaning: they don’t have to be pretty or perfect – but they should feel goooooood); it’s the intention – the dedication to do SOMETHING for yourself that will allow you to be less of an asshole and more compassionate towards yourself and others (ALL of the others: even the people who piss you off on the daily – but more on that in the future…)

TADASANA – Mountain Pose

Soles of the feet stable, legs strong and sturdy, belly drawn in firm but gentle, arms raised to stretch the whole body orarms by your side. Be like a mountain – solid, unwavering. Open, but not to be taken advantage of.

UTTANASANA – Standing Forward Fold

Knees softly bent, body draped over the legs, arms dangle or hold opposite elbows, breath deeply into the muscles of your back from the base of your pelvis all the way up to the back of the neck and crown of the head. Soft and supple.

(I do this whenever someone pisses me off and it helps me make… compassionate decisions LOL)

SUKHASANA – Easy Pose with Side Bend  – do both sides!


Sit comfortably cross legged and place one hand on the ground, lean into that hand and draw the opposite arm over your ear and stretch through the side body. Press your hips equally into the floor, keep the collarbones broad and don’t collapse through the chest.


If you can look at the world through a lens of amusement, you will never cease to be amazed.

I end my practice by repeating my intention, “No matter what happens today, I am the best version of myself,” and skip away, merrily, to frolic in my world of sunshine and rainbows. Just kidding. I put on pants and take the dog out, since he has obviously been barking at me throughout my entire practice. #realtalk #realworldyogi


Tell us how you work your practice in, or share some of your intentions with us below in the comments!

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