DIY Terrarium

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Step One: Gather all your supplies and go outside, sh*t is about to get messy!

Things you will need:

Soil (I used MiracleGro Organic Potting Mix)IMG_0815

Small Rocks




Sheet Moss (optional)


A couple small succulents


Any glass container


& Gardening gloves

Step Two: Prepare your container, clean the inside and outside with warm soapy water and let dry

Step Three: Once your container is dry, place a small layer of the pebbles in the bottom of the container so that it is covering the entire bottom. This will act as the drainage system for your terrarium. The depth of the rock will depend on the size of your container, but aim for about an inch or two.


Step Four: Add the charcoal on top of the rock. You  don’t need much of it- just enough to cover the rocks. CAUTION: this step can be messy, make sure you have your gloves on or be prepared to get dirty. The charcoal helps keep the terrarium cleaner by reducing bacteria and odor within the container.


Step Five: Add your soil. Be sure to put enough in so that the roots of the plants have room. Using your fingers, dig a shallow hole to place your succulent in. 


Step Six: Remove the soil balls from around the roots of the plant and place within the hole. Add a little more soil and compact it around the base of the succulent. Be sure to not overload your container with too many succulents, you want to make sure your plants have room to grow.


Step Seven: Break off little pieces of sheet moss and add around the base of the plants. This is an optional step, but personally I think it makes the terrarium look more put together.


You’re done!!! Step back and admire your work of art. You only need to water when the soil gets dry. Also, don’t place your terrarium in direct sunlight. Since it is in an enclosed container, doing so traps the heat inside and can scorch your lil babies.

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