DIY: Party Time Tassel Banner

Birthday party? Baby shower? Spontaneous fiesta? We’re ready. My end game here is for a bohemian-chic bridal shower – not too pink but quite festive.

These easy DIY tassels look great as a border for a room or to add visual interest to a focal point, for example hanging them behind the dessert table or bar at your soirée.

You’ll need:

•  15″x20″ Tissue Paper

•  Scissors

•  String

•  Hot Glue Gun


Start with one sheet of 15″x20″ tissue paper, folding it once vertically and then two times horizontally.


Cut thin strips up to about 2″ from the folded end of the paper.


Unfold the paper completely, separating all the tassles. Roll so you have tassels on either side, twisting down the middle to keep together.


Twist the middle together to create loop and secure with the hot glue gun.


 Once you’ve made all your tassels, slide them onto your string and hang!




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