What’s In a Name?

Joy Latte

I chose to name the blog ‘Generating Joy’ based on my belief that well-being and happiness are not things one can achieve passively. I have spent the last few years striving to improve the quality of my life through mindfulness and motion.

Years ago I struggled with depression and anxiety and I was not living a lifestyle in line with my goals and potential. I attribute so much of my current happiness to the time and effort I put into creating the life I imagine for myself by improving the quality of my thoughts and actions.

Through mindfulness and activity we can train the brain to fall into positive patterns automatically and create a positive reality for ourselves. Once we can do that, it’s easy to bring our joy to those around us to help them do the same.

I hope to not only share crafting ideas and recipes but also to be a part of the greater discussion surrounding wellness and mental health by sharing the activities and practices that helped me on my own journey!